Cactus Jungle of Berkeley is now carrying a full line of organic veggie starts, heirloom tomatoes and herbs for the San Francisco Bay Area, and hundreds of Organic Seed packets too.

Plus California Native Wildflower and Native Grass Seed - a low water alternative for your garden!

Varieties vary throughout the season, so check with us for availability

In addition, we carry a full line of Certified Organic soils, amendments, fertilizers and nutrients and natural pest control for your Organic Garden. Plus great Terra Cotta pots and troughs for conainer gardens.

Our Organic Veggie Starts are all grown Bay Area local in Sonoma by Sweetwater Nursery and Flatland Farms.

Our Organic Seeds come from Botanical Interests and Seeds of Change.


Organic Veggie Starts
Organic Herbs
Organic Veggie Seeds
Organic Herb Seed
Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Organic soil, fertilizer, etc.



Organic Fruit Starts

Alpine Strawberry Golden

Alpine Strawberry Red

Blueberries in gallon pots

Melon Hales Best Jumbo

Melon Minnesota Midget

Organic Veggie Starts
(All veggie starts are seasonal - call for availability. Check back often for more.)

Artichoke Green Globe
Artichoke Jerusalem

Artichoke Romanesco Large

Artichoke Violetto

Asparagus "Mary Washington"

Bean Blue Lake Bush  

Bean Blue Lake Pole
Bean French Bush Haricot Vert

Bean Garrafal Enana Bush Romano

Bean Kentucky Blue Pole
Bean Kentucky Wonder Pole

Bean Scarlet Runner Pole

Bean Tendergreen Bush Snap
Beet Bull's Blood

Beet 'Flat of Egypt' sweet red

Broccoli All Season Asst.

Broccoli Atlantic

Broccoli Calabrese

Broccoli Spigariello


Brussel Sprouts Oliver

Cabbage Red Express

Cabbage Savoy di Verona

Cabbage Savoy Express

Carrot Cosmic Purple


Cauliflower Violet Queen

Cauliflower Cheddar
Celery - cutting

Chard Bionda di Lion

Chard Bright Lights

Chicory Bianca di Milano

Collard Greens
Corn Precocious
Corn Silver Princess
Cucumber All Season Burpless

Cucumber Burpless Bush  

Cucumber Japanese Long

Cucumber Lemon

Cucumber Tendergreen

Eggplant Early Purple

Endive Bianca Riccia

Garlic Spanish Roja
Kale Garden Blend
Kale Lacinato/Dinosaur

Kale Nero di Toscana

Kale Rainbow Dinosaur

Kale Red Russian

Lettuce Batavian Blend
Lettuce Bolinas Mix

Lettuce Braveheart - green romaine

Lettuce Chrystal

Lettuce Heirloom Cutting Mix

Lettuce Little Ceasar/ Little Gem

Lettuce Merlot

Lettuce Mesclum Mix

Lettuce Red Romaine

Lettuce Rouge de Grenobloise

Lettuce Sangria

Lettuce Summer Blend

Lettuce Summer Baby Bibb

Lettuce Summertime
Lettuce Sweet n' Colorful
Lettuce West County Mix
Mustard Golden Frills

Mustard Okaka Purple

Mustard Ruby Streaks
Onion "Ailsa Craig"

Onion Early Red Burger

Onion Evergreen Bunching
Onion Flat of Italy

Onion Purplette

Onion Rosa di Firenze
Onion Ruby Sweet Red
Onion White Sweet Spanish

Pea Mammoth Melting

Pea Oregon Sugar Pod

Pea Super Sugar Snap

Pepper Anaheim  

Pepper - Fish Peppers

Pepper Habanero
Pepper Hot Fish
Pepper Hot Garden Salsa

Pepper Jalapa

Pepper Jalapeno
Pepper Mild "Paprika"
Pepper Sweet California Wonder Bell
Pepper Sweet Green
Pepper Sweet Ivory
Pepper Sweet Orange
Pepper Sweet Red
Pepper Sweet Yellow

Pumpkin Collection

Pumpkin - Cinderella's Coach
Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern

Radicchio Chiogga

Red Choi
Rhubarb Victoria
Spinach Bloomsdale
Spinach Gigante d'Inverno

Spinach Perpetual

Squash Costata Romanesco Zucchini
Squash Early White Bush Scallop
Squash Green Zucchini
Squash Golden Crookneck
Squash Golden Zucchini

Squash Yellow Crookneck

Tomatillo Toma Verde
Tomato Abe Lincoln
Tomato Big Beef
Tomato Black Cherry

Tomato Black Krim

Tomato Blush

Tomato Buckbee's 50 Day

Tomato Bush Early Girl
Tomato Cherokee Purple

Tomato Early Girl  

Tomato Forest Fire

Tomato Gregori's Altai
Tomato Ida Gold
Tomato Imur Prior Beta
Tomato Isis Candy
Tomato Jaune Flamme

Tomato Kentucky Beefsteak - Orange

Tomato Lemon Boy
Tomato Matina
Tomato Maule's Earliest

Tomato Fireworks

Tomato Patio
Tomato Paul Robeson
Tomato Peacevine

Tomato Petaluma Hill Purple

Tomato Pineapple (yellow heirloom)  

Tomato Red Cherry

Tomato Roma

Tomato San Francisco Fog

Tomato Sebastopol
Tomato Siberia
Tomato Stupice
Tomato Sun Gold
Tomato Supersweet 100
Tomato Sweet Million

Tomato Window Box Roma

Tomato Yellow Pear

Zucchini - See Squash


Organic Herbs
Artemisia absinthium


Basil Clove Scented

Basil Genovese  

Basil Greek Window Box  

Basil Holy

Basil Italian Pesto

Basil Lemon Scented  

Basil Lettuce Leaf
Basil Purple

Basil Sweet

Celery - cutting


Chives Garlic


Coriander Vietnamese

Dill Fernleaf
Gota Kola
Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm - Golden

Lemon Verbena

Marjoram Sweet

Marigold Queen Sophia

Mint Bergamot

Mint Chocolate

Mint Kentucky Colonel
Mint Peppermint  
Mint Spearmint
Oregano Betty Rollins

Oregano Italian  

Oregano Greek Mountain

Oregano Golden

Parsley Curl Type

Parsley Flat Leaf

Parsley Green River
Parsley Italian
Rosemary Gorizia
Rosemary Salem

Rosemary Tuscan Blue

Sage Berggarten

Sage Culinary Select

Sage Purple
Sage Tricolor
Tarragon Mexican
Tarragon Spanish

Thyme Doone Valley

Thyme French

Thyme Lemon
Thyme Lime
Organic Vegetable Seed
Our 2012 Seeds are now in
Arugula Rocket Organic  
Arugula Wild Rocket Organic  
Bean Bush Blue Lake Organic  
Bean Bush Gold Rush Organic  
Bean Bush Pencil Pod Yellow Organic  
Bean Bush Red Mexican Organic  
Bean Bush Tavera (French Filet) Organic  
Bean Edamame Shirofumi Organic
Bean Pole Blue Lake Organic  
Bean Pole Italian Organic
Beet Early Wonder Organic  
Beet Gourmet Blend Organic
Broccoli Calabrese Organic
Broccoli Di Cicco Organic  
Broccoli Raab Rapini Organic  
Cabbage Red Acre Organic
Carrot Baby Little Finger Organic  
Carrot Carnival Blend Organic  
Carrot Dragon Organic
Carrot Scarlet Nantes Organic  
Carrot Red Core Chantenay Organic
Cauliflower Veronica Organic
Celery Red Venture Organic
Chard Forhook Giant Organic
Collard Vates Champion Organic
Corn Sweet Luscious Bicolor Organic  
Corn Sweet Sugar Pearl Organic  
Cucumber Armenian Organic
Cucumber Homeade Pickles Organic
Cucumber Japanese Burpless Organic  
Cucumber Lemon Organic  
Cucumber Sweet Marketmore Organic  
Edamame Butterbean Organic
Eggplant Black Beauty Organic  
Endive Olesh Tres Fine Organic  
Gourd Dinosaur Organic
Kale Italian Nero Toscana Organic  
Kale Red Winter Organic  
Leek King Richard Organic  
Lettuce Butterhead Buttercrunch Organic  
Lettuce Butterhead Four Seasons Organic
Lettuce Butterhead Speckles Organic  
Lettuce Leaf Black Seeded Simpson Organic  
Lettuce Leaf Oak Leaf Blend Organic  
Lettuce Red Sails Organic
Lettuce Leaf Red Velvet Organic  
Lettuce Leaf Salad Bowl Blend Organic  
Lettuce Leaf Tango Organic  
Lettuce Mesclun Gourmet Baby Greens Organic  
Lettuce Mesclun Q's Medley Organic  
Lettuce Mesclun Valentine Organic  
Lettuce New Red Fire Organic
Lettuce Romaine Freckles Organic  
Lettuce Romaine Little Gem Organic  
Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Organic  
Lettuce Romaine Rouge D'hiver Organic  
Lettuce Tango Organic
Melon Hale's Best Jumbo Organic  
Melon Hearts of Gold Organic  
Melon Muskmelon Eel River Organic
Mustard Mizuna Organic  
Mustard Osaka Purple Organic
Onion Red Baron Organic  
Onion Rossa di Milano Organic
Pea Shelling Progress #9 Organic  
Pea Snap Sugar Snap Organic
Pea Snow Oregon Giant Organic  
Pepper Chile Habanero Organic  
Pepper Chile Jalapeno Organic  
Pepper Chile Ring O Fire Cayenne Organic
Pepper Pimiento Red Ruffled Organic
Pepper Sweet Cal Wonder Orange Organic  
Pepper Sweet Cal Wonder Organic  
Pepper Sweet Nardello Organic
Pumpkin Big Max Organic  
Pumpkin Howden Organic  
Pumpkin Sugar Pie Organic
Quinoa Brightest Rainbow Organic
Radicchio Palla Rossa Organic  
Radish Cherry Belle Organic  
Radish Daikon Miyashige White Organic  
Radish French Breakfast Organic  
Radish Round Black Spanish Organic
Spinach Bloomsdale Organic  
Spinach Dolce Vita Organic
Spinach Tyee Organic
Squash Summer Black Beauty Organic Zucchini  
Squash Summer Cocozelle Organic Zucchini  
Squash Summer Hurakan Organic
Squash Summer Straightneck Organic  
Squash Summer Wildcat Organic Zucchini
Squash Winter Delicata Organic  
Squash Winter Gold Nugget Organic
Squash Winter Uncle David's Dakota Organic
Swiss Chard Ruby Red Organic
Tomato Arkansas Traveler Organic
Tomato Blush Organic
Tomato Paul Robeson Organic
Tomato Stupice Organic
Tomato Bush Italian Roma Organic  
Tomato Bush Silvery Fir Tree Organic  
Tomato Cherry Red/Yellow Pear Organic
Tomato Cherry Supersweet 100 Organic  
Tomato Pole Aunt Ruby's Green Organic  
Tomato Pole Beefsteak Organic  
Tomato Pole Black Krim Organic  
Tomato Pole Brandywine Organic
Tomato Pole Cherokee Purple Organic  
Tomato Pole Green Zebra Organic
Tomato Pole San Marzano Organic  
Tomato Pole Speckled Roman Organic  
Turnip Purple Top White Globe Organic  
Watermelon Moon & Stars Organic  
Watermelon Sugar Baby Organic
Watermelon Sweet Dakota Rose Organic
Wheatgrass Organic  
Organic Herb Seed
Basil Dolce Vita Blend Organic  
Basil Genovese Italian Organic  
Basil Genovese Sweet Italian Organic
Basil Greek Yevani Organic  
Basil Lime Organic  
Basil Purple Petra Organic  
Basil Red Rubin Organic
Catnip Organic  
Chamomile-German Organic  
Chives Common Organic  
Chives Nira Organic
Cilantro/Coriander Organic  
Dill Bouquet Organic  
Lemon Balm Organic  
Marjoram Organic  
Oregano Common Organic  
Parsley Giant of Italy Organic  
Parsley Moss Curled Organic  
Sage Broadleaf Organic  
Thyme Common English Organic  



For your organic Garden or Containers, we recommend the following products:

Veggie Starts and Herbs (Organic)
    Potting Soil:  Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
    NEW SOIL: Dr. Earth Bagtainer Organic Potting Soil with Guano - Soil and container in one!

    Garden: Happy Frog Soil Conditioner or Alpha Bio System's Vegetable Thrive Soil Conditioner
: Happy Frog Organic Jump Start
    Early Boost: Fish Meal
    Fertilizer: Happy Frog Organic Tomato and Vegetable, Marine Cuisine, or Dr. Earth Life All-Purpose
    Tomatoes: Add Oyster Shell

    Soil/Media: Black Gold Seedling Mix
    Top dressing: Vermiculite
    Fertilizer: Cactus Jungle's Seedling Starter (Soybean Meal)
    Transplanting: Happy Frog Organic Jump Start


Organic Veggie Starts, Herbs and Seeds for Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area
Everything for your Organic Garden


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